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Plumbing is often forgotten while renovating your home, and it could prove to be a costly mistake. Appliance break-down or minor leaks every-now-and-then may be adding to your bill every month. However, we’ve got some tips to keep your bill in-check and even prevent plumbing damage in the future.

1. Replace Old Faucets

Your faucets control how much water passes through, which also affects the monthly bill. Old faucets have the tendency to get worse at their job over time, thus increasing your plumbing bill. Talk to the experts at A Better Deal, and we can help replace and install your faucets quickly and easily. Get in contact with a technician in the Dallas / Fort Worth area to evaluate your home.

2. Spot-check for Leaks

Other than the obvious signs of leaks, like water puddling across the floor, a not-so-tight valve or broken pipe can cause condensation to build up and allow odor-causing bacteria and mold to grow. Most other companies charge between $60 and $90 for their service calls. Make an appointment that works around your schedule for only a $25 service call.

3. Check Your Water Meter

Your water meter is located outside with the main water line connected to a metered box, on its way in your home there is another meter that controls the flow of water. Check around for any leaks that may be there. Even though water isn’t flowing into your home, the meter could be turning — resulting in a water leak. Call us today for a thorough diagnostic and written estimate of repair.

4. Take A Look At Your Toilet

While you likely use your toilet everyday, your plumbing system’s flow is largely due to it functioning properly. Between flapper valves forcing excessive water or older models using too much water, we can help you get more efficient. Having one an expert technician from A Better Deal inspect your toilets for any leaks or issues will improve the performance, prevent plumbing risks, and lower your monthly bill.

5. Get A New Water Heater

One of the most vital ways to lower your bill is to upgrade your hot water tank. Older models drain electricity which causes an increase in your monthly bill. However, simply draining your current heater every few months can flush out any impurities and ultimately improve its performance. Thankfully, the experts at A Better Deal have been selling and servicing all makes and models of Hot Water Heaters and offer free estimates on new equipment. A properly functioning, and efficient hot water heater will save money on both utility bills and any potential disasters that could occur in the future.

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